The weather report for Astoria for this morning:

Even at 12 noon today it will feel like seven degrees out there. Seven. And then, if you add the fact that I'll be running and I'll be wearing paper thin layers, it should feel like -38 out there. My South Florida roots are telling me this is a bad idea. A very bad idea.

Normally, I would skip today and just go out tomorrow. But tomorrow it will be snowing--and snow in the city usually turns into rain, so it'll be freezing rain. Great. So today actually turns out to be the better option because there will be sunlight and no snow.

Sigh. Time to suck it up and just get out there.


Jess said...

Bundle up!

The Laminator said...

Dude, today was so much better than yesterday so I give you kudos for braving the horrible temps. If you could handle single digits, you can pretty much handle anything.

Marcy said...

YOU love it! HAHA

Dean said...

brrrr. It's like 60 something outside today in sunny SC and the early spring flowers are beginning to grow.

- Dean