New year, old problem

Time Warner has continued to drop the ball on our Internet. Apparently they didn't come on December 19 because of the blizzard. Then they didn't do the work on December 30 because it was too dark when they got here. They have now rescheduled the appointment to fix whatever is wrong with our wires to January 16. Good thing I don't work from home.

Fortunately, one of our friendly neighbors has an unprotected network that we are tapping today.

Taking a look at my blogroll I am never going to get through the 300+ entries on it. So I'm doing it: I'm marking all as read and starting anew with tomorrow. Sorry guys, but let's be honest, you'd probably do the same thing.

To be fair I should at least provide a brief recap of what's been going on in sRod land the last month and a half (besides the Time Warner debacle)? Here goes:
  • Went to California, specifically: San Francisco, Sonoma, and LA. It was a great trip, although we didn't see enough of San Francisco or LA, and I didn't drink enough in Sonoma. There is plenty to go back and see when I run the San Francisco Marathon...someday.
  • My uncle came to town with his girlfriend and their respective children. We ate and walked all over town--probably the best weekend I've had in a long time.
  • We have mice! I can handle bugs, but mice and rats disgust me. Uck. As we were making dinner one night I caught one of the little f!ckers scramble across the entrance to the kitchen out of the corner of my eye. So far we've killed two of them, but we're convinced there's more. No idea why they're showing up now, but it's definitely not making a case for us to stick around with our lease running up in March.
  • Went to the in-laws (in North Carolina) for Christmas. We gave wifey's little brothers a trip to Atlanta to see the Georgia Aquarium and have dinner at Medieval Times for dinner. The Aquarium was stunning, but felt surprisingly small for being the largest in the world. Medieval Times was fantastically cheesy--we all had a blast.
  • We went to Middle-Of-Nowhere, WV to meet up with my family for their New Year's ski trip. It was great to get the whole family together--even if we were so remote a location that the nearest decent grocery store was over an hour away. I skied every day, bolting down the slopes like a pro--you would never know that I grew up in Florida! I can't wait until our ski trip over President's Day with our friends.
  • My parents gave us a Wii Fit and a Garmin Nuvi (i.e., a Garmin for your car...yes, they make those). My aunt gave me cash for running clothes (sweet!) and my sister gave me money to take running classes with the NYRR (super sweet!). I don't even know what to do with all this holiday goodness!!
  • I should have probably reviewed all my 2008 goals at some point, but I'm pretty sure I missed them all. So let's avoid that subject.
  • I returned the rental car from our trip this morning. When I noted down the mileage I realized we drove about 2,100 miles from December 23 until January 4. I think that is the most I've ever driven in a two week period.
  • And what about running during all of this? I haven't at all. And while I feel most people would welcome this break after an intense Summer and Fall of running, I really miss training. I feel all disorganized and ungrounded without the daily running. The good news is that I already put together my training plan for my upcoming races and the 2009 training season starts early--early as in tomorrow. I'm supposed to cross-train tomorrow (yeah, I'm trying out Monday cross-training), but I'm giving myself a break as I ease back into the work flow. But running starts in earnest on Tuesday with a Tempo run. Woo hoo! Only ten weeks until Little Rock.

And now you're up to speed. Off to bed and to get back to work tomorrow.


raulgonemobile said...

I've been known to skim quite a bit just to get through the blogroll. :)

RunToFinish said...

that's a lot of great traveling and time warner really does suck, I can vouch for that too

Jess said...

Sounds like you've been busy! Good luck as you train for Little Rock.

Nitmos said...

Well, you missed some great, great stuff at my blog. Not really. Maybe a few fart jokes.

Happy new year!

Viv said...

Happy New Year, best wishes for a healthy strong 2009!

Good luck with training for Little Rock, with plans to rock it...ok bad joke.
just in case you have not don't forget to sign up for free running shoes on my blog

Kevin said...

Yeah we all have those times where we have to mark all as read or skim through. That is crazy how long they are taking to fix your problem, and they probably plan on billing you for the service you cant use too

Steve Stenzel said...

"too dark?!?" That's a lame excuse! Come on Time Warner!

And that sounds like a great weekend with the uncle!