Thanks everyone for the support on the 50-state goal.

After reading around a little more it seems like there are indeed some crazies out there that have not only completed the 50 states in less than 20-years, but they've done all 50 states multiple times. Like Steve Boone, who's run all 50 states eight times.

Yes, eight.

That is 400 marathons.

That is 1,600 hours of racing (if you do a 4 hour marathon).

That is 10,480 miles of running.

Whoa. I mean I know we all have to be a little crazy to run for as much as we do, but people like this scare me. Now, of course, I have also said that I would be crazy to run a marathon. So I may be setting myself up here. But really, I think things like a job and a family and callouses will keep me from running 400 marathons in my life.


MIUMIU said...
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Michelle J said...

Hi i love your blog! Funny, informative and puts a smile on my face! Here's mine:



Marcy said...

Where the heck does that dude find time for all that? Between working, family, and running something's gotta give right? Dang!

Nitmos said...

If I ever win the lottery, I'm totally doing what this guy does.

Otherwise, I guess I'll just keep trying to balance work, family, and running.

Jess said...

Time and $$$. Those two things I clearly need more of in order to do that kind of racing. It would be a full time occupation/obsession.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

We can't have callouses on those pretty feet. That would just be a waste. :D

The Laminator said...

Multiple times, dude? All I have to say is wow...makes my 2 marathons a year sound pretty puny.

anna jo said...

whoah! I can easily run two marathons a year... more than that? I don't know if I have the time + money.

I'm trying to do the fifty states, but I'll probably be over fifty by the time I get them all. right now I'm just working on getting in the club (you only need ten states. in two weeks I'll be half-way there)

Ted said...

Hmmm... just come to think of this..hmm..not a bad idea to complete 400 marathons.. that would be 1.2 million calories burned altogther.

John said...

if you do the detroit half or full marathon, you can knock michigan off your list plus canada since you cross the bridge over to windsor and return through the tunnel!