Third time's the charm

After three years of saying it, I am finally doing it! I just signed up for the Fairfield Half-Marathon.

Every year I manage to have an excuse to not run this race and it usually sounds something like this list: I'm too tired from my last race and I won't get enough training in before the race.

Well, thanks to my IT Band, I haven't had a race so far this year--so I'm not tired from any other training. Also thanks to my IT Band I was off the road for the first 2.5 months of the year--so I'm eager to get back into training. So that gets rid of both excuses.

There's always the financial issue. When I ran the Long Branch Half-Marathon last year, the whole trip totaled to almost $1000 between hotel, car, registration, eating out, etc. Yes, $1000 to run a race two hours away. However, this race is going to be cheap: registration was just $33 (odd price, I know), it's so close that we're going to drive there and back the same day (there are showers provided for runners), and we're renting the car through Zip Car--which means my max car related expenses will be $73.

Training begins on Monday with...a rest day, which is awesome. Unfortunately, the rest of the training plan indeed calls for running, unlike some other training plans.

Now I'm off to eat leftover dessert from yesterday to celebrate the start of training.


Amanda said...

Hmm you make me think I should bite the bullet on the local race I was dodge out of for some reason or other every year.

Nitmos said...

Congratulations. It always puts a burr in the saddle to have a race on the calendar.

Jess said...

Congrats on signing up! And good luck with the training via dessert.