Quick note

This week and weekend have been crazy because wifey is taking a professional development class and her group's final presentation is tomorrow and I have been recruited to help work on the project. So yesterday after my run I met up with wifey at her office and helped her wrap up her presentation. Today they're having rehearsals and I get to be a guest judge--woo hoo!

Great news is that after tomorrow I will have my wife back, which is fantastic because she cooks waaaaay better than I do.

Just three quick notes from yesterday's run:
  • Guy who passed me on the Queensboro Bridge: sorry, you looked about 20 years my senior, my pride wouldn't let you take the lead for too long
  • The two five-year old boys who tried to race me eight miles into my 10-mile run: you've got some nice speed on you...even if you only lasted for about 50 feet
  • The chick who tried to chick me nine miles into my 10-mile run: hell no were you going to pass me half a mile from the end of my run--although you came close...thank God that I'm good on the downhills


Marcy said...

As for the last one:
You should have let her. It's all about the views, homie! All about the views! LMAO!

Jess said...

You should always allow a chick to "chick" you -- it's the gentlemanly thing to do.

Nitmos said...

Sorry, No Chicking allowed. You did the right thing.

chia said...

Congratulations on reclaiming your bride :-) Your statement on how much better she cooks than you made me chuckle.

Ted said...

I second with Nitmos. No chicking permitted. You did what was right. I would do exactly the same thing as you did. WTG !

The Laminator said...

Dude, don't sweat your anti-chicking policy, I'm the exact same way. In fact, the ONLY girl that "chicked" me in my entire half-marathon ended up winning the women's race. In that case, for a Deena Kastor prodigy, I can let her pass.

Looking forward to our run on Sat. Thanks for all the advice you gave me on what to look for in the race. Because of you, didn't sweat the pre-race traffic or the climb on 8.

Catch you this weekend. I'm way behind on the race for free shoes.