No focus this morning, just some random thoughts/updates/ramblings:

  • Going to see my General Practitioner this morning about my IT Band in hopes of getting some help. I don't know how good her sports medicine skills are, but we'll find out today. I'll also ask her about active release, see if she knows anyone in the area that practices it. Hopefully she'll fix me up like she did after Footgate so that I can actually run Austin instead of walking it briskly.
  • My latest musical obsession: Feist of iPod and Verizon fame
  • We're buying a new computer this weekend!! Thanks to Santa Claus, we have funds to finally get a new machine. There will be much celebration when we finally toss this dinosaur, something along these lines.
  • Now that everyone is back in the office I can pick up where I left off before Christmas. The future looks pretty bleak for my current agency: I will be off my current client probably by the end of next week and they aren't sure where they can fit me after that. I let them know that I am close to getting an offer from another agency. Their response was actually supportive, they said if it is better than what they can offer me then they would encourage me to take the position. I know the offer will be better than what my current agency can offer, so my days there are numbered.
  • I'm trying to set up my race calendar for this year, so far, this is what I've got:
  • My thoughts on this race calendar:
    • If I can't run Austin, then I will run-walk, crawl, shuffle, and/or hobble my way to the finish line, damn it. I gave up my time goal a while ago, my goal now is to finish that race before it closes, which is a luxurious 4 hours.
    • The Great Bay HM is pending that I can get my IT Band fixed soon. Otherwise, I'll scrap it. I'm already committed to Austin, forcing myself through Great Bay would be craziness...although I have been called that on several occasions.
    • I have convinced my wife and her friend to run Fairfield with me--if you knew my wife you would be completely shocked--so I'm really looking forward to this race.
    • Since I'll be in the middle of marathon training in September, I figured a Half-Marathon would be a nice way to spice up the training (and get me out of the city).
    • Oh Marine Corps, you were my Plan B marathon last year--how foolish was I? This year I know to sign up the second registration opens.
    • If I go according to this plan I'll get four states and one federal district out of the way this year. Granted most of them are annoyingly small states, but Texas will be a nice big chunk of the map. The good thing about the New England states is that they are really easy and cheap to get to and can double as a weekend getaway.
    • San Francisco fell off my list because it was just not going to work out--awkward timing, expensive tickets, etc. But it will stay on my ever increasing list of races I plan to run.

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