The Best 13 Miles Ever...well, almost

Quick recap of yesterday's run.

It was 13-miles through the hills of Central Park: more classic you can't get. I told myself I was going to run those 13 miles in 1:50 or less, so as to set a PR for the Half-Marathon distance (ok, I would have been .1 miles off).

Weather was in my favor--which I've learned is about 50% of the battle during long runs--clear skies, a breeze, mid-60s. I set off running and wouldn't you know that the NY Road Runners are having a marathon tune-up run in the park. Excellent! I get a race atmosphere and race amenities (i.e., water stations and Gatorade) without having to sign up for the race. **A note on etiqutte: yes, it is wrong to take water and gatorade from those who pay for it, but have you seen the mountains of cups left on the table at the end of a race? No one goes thristy on a race course. I used to feel bad, but now I don't.** So I'm crusing, doing fantastic time, until mile 10.

At mile 10 I got a massive stitch. My first thought was that I got a sudden kidney infection and my right kidney was turning brown a shriviling up. I had to walk. I had tons of energy, I was making great time, I didn't even need the gazillion packs of GU I had--but I could not take the pain while I was running.

So I walk-ran the last 3 miles. I hated every step I took walking. And when I did run, I couldn't muster speed without flaring up the 2x4 in my side. There went my PR.

Sigh. No glory for me this weekend. I guess God is saving it for October 13.


Amanda said...

I've done a couple "fake" races to psych myself up for my 1/2 coming up and sometimes I PR, sometimes I realize, I'm glad it's not race day.

:) I bet the 13th will go great!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Those stitches get me once in awhile too. I was told to do more core work, but I'm guessing that isn't your problem :) Hopefully this is a one time deal -- maybe it was God saying don't steal the gatorade? :D :D :D

Anyway, I'm sure the real race is going to be fantastic and stitch free.

Amy said...

God has an interesting way to helping us find just the right taper. I guess he was thinking 10 great miles was all you needed. Rest up - just 11 days to go.

Nitmos said...

Well, you had a great 10 miles anyhow right? That's something. I've never had problems with side stitches. I would suggest, whether you feel you need it or not, take the GU. Your body will only tell you that it needs it AFTER it is too late.

Moon said...

your glory is TOTALLY in the mail...it will be there for you next weekend, most def :) Congrats on how good 10 of your miles were!