More thoughts on MY FIRST MARA----you get the idea

Really quick turn around on race pictures from MY FIRST MARATHON EVER. I actually got the pictures on Tuesday of last week, but given my struggle to even get the race recap up, I wasn't going to bother with pictures until that was written and posted. So here they are, in all their well-coordinated-running-outfit glory:

Morning of the race, sporting the cool kids' sticker (yeah, it flew off about Mile 16)

Like a friggin' gazelle!! Little did I know there was a cheetah on my tail--a cheetah called "stitch"

In the words of my wife: "no wonder you got stitches, your arms were always in the air." Apparently do I not only get cocky during races, but I also get vertical arm disease.
Caught by the cheetah.

I swear I was sprinting during this part--look, I even have the gazelle smile.

The money shot.

Now from behind--in the orange on the left.

So those are the pictures. Looking back at them I feel proud about what I've accomplished, even if it wasn't how I wanted to accomplish it--almost like it was a starter marathon.

But fortunately, this race has only made me want to run more: I can't wait to finally run Central Park this weekend. I haven't looked forward to a run this much in a long time. There is no set distance or pace for me to worry about. That's probably the most taxing part of marathon training: the fact that no matter how hard or long the run is this week, next week's will be even worse. But not now--and not for a long time. It'll just be good times out there on Sunday. I'm really excited about it.

That kinda brings me to my next point. Or rather, everyone else's next point: what race am I going to run next? What has slipped past everyone is that I picked my next race a long time ago and it's been posted over there on the left for about five months now: the 3M Austin Half-Marathon. It only says tentative because I haven't booked the flight yet. Yup, going down to the Lone Star state and run a little race, hear a little indie music, and meet up with a little friend. OK, our friend is actually normal size but I had to finish the triad. I'm really excited about this race because it's a Half-Mary (woo hoo!) and mostly downhill (double woo hoo!).

I've also told myself that since I'll be bringing down the running intensity (yea!) that I will focus on my overall fitness while prepping for this race. That means actually doing cross-training and always doing pre- and post- work-out stretches and watching what I eat. My goal for this race is to become healthier (and a little bit faster) by the time I cross the finish line--I won't be running just to run, but running to become healthier.

That said, I've also had San Francisco up for the past five months as the marathon I'll be tackling next year. But after Baltimore I'm rethinking that decision. San Francisco is a much, MUCH hillier course than Baltimore--so I'm thinking that it might be better as my third or fourth marathon. In that case I have to change my plans around for the rest of 2008. Thoughts?

Also--and this is for you, Marcy--my feet are still handsome devils. They came out of that race without a single blister, black nail, or callus between them. Fortunately I wear sneakers all the time, otherwise the ladies would be all over my feet--and wife will have none of that.


Non-Runner Nancy said...

Your wife may have something there with the arm pumping thing. Maybe that is the stitch culprit?? :D

Glad the precious tootsies made it unscathed!

Marcy said...

ROFLMAO!! Dude, your wife is freakin funny!!

I did wonder how those puppies would make it out of this "little" marathon experience. What are doing to them? I must know. I know other people are proud of black and missing toenails but personally it gives me the creeps. Anything to combat it is always good.

Amanda said...

Wow you got some great pics there, how is that even possible? I looke like a drowned rat from all the sweat normally.

Topher said...

Just found your blog on Runner's Lounge (and recognize that I'm in good company judging from the other commenters). I enjoyed your marathon race report! ROFL at the vertical arm disease comment.