Super Month

So October (aka, "Super Month") came out of no where. Why call it Super Month? Well, consider the following:
  • This weekend: escaping to North Carolina for the anniversary
  • Next weekend: MY FIRST MARATHON EVER
  • Weekend after that: wife's birthday
  • Last weekend of the month: Halloween festivities
  • During this month at work: two MAJOR projects due before the end of the month

No idea how I ever expected to get through this month.

But alas, Super Month is not the purpose of this post. I'm writing tonight to let everyone out there who is running Chicago this weekend that while I have my last long run this Sunday morning, I will be rooting for all of you...and hoping that you watch your step at the finish line. Good luck guys! You're all Kenyans this weekend.


Non-Runner Nancy said...

Good Lord, that is quite a month. One day at a time, one step at a time might be the mantra for the next few weeks. It's a lot but it's also a lot of really good stuff. Don't forget to savor it all.


Amanda said...

Ahh, life it just never stops. Thank goodness for running to keep you sane right...or wait maybe running makes us a little crazier. Either way, enjoy it!

Moon said...

My month's looking pretty super-sized, too, but not quite as Super as yours! Advanced best wishes and good luck for YOUR FIRST MARATHON EVER :) It will be AWESOME I am sure!!

Marcy said...

I hope you got that lovely wife of yours a SUPER present ;-)