Two Weeks, a Package, and The Place Where the Cool Kids Hang Out


The excitement is practically dripping off every word I say these days. I don't even have the patience to go through runs these days knowing that I'll be going head-to-head with the juggernaut in just two weeks.

To add to the excitement, my mom, who is coming up for support on race weekend, sent me a care package. On Thursday, my mom calls me at work and says "did you get my package yet?" So I go downstairs to check the mail room. There is a big box (6 in. x 2 ft. x 1.5 ft.) and my mom has fashioned a strap out of cardboard and tape so that I can easily carry the package on the train--this is why I love my mom. Thanks to FedEx, I can see what's inside the box because of a gigantic tear on the side: it's a foot bath, two bags of Epsom salt, bandages, and foot cream. A runner's dream come true. My beauty feet can now stay as pretty as ever...which is becoming more difficult with the high mileage.

One other thing: those Fountains of Running Positivity and Ambassadors of Hope through Hardship, Tom and Amy over at The Runner's Lounge, have taken their blog to the next level. The Runner's Lounge is now a fully outfitted social website for runners and to my best knowledge, the first of its kind. I'm signed up and you should sign up too. However, I'm convinced that only Marcy and Nancy read my blog, and they were probably the first two to sign up.


Amanda said...

Are people tired of hearing you talk about it yet? That's when I knew I was ready for my marathon...then I smiled through the whole darn thing because I couldn't believe I was actually doing it! Congrats on taking the plunge!

amy said...

Aren't moms the best?!? The always think of the right things at the right time. Enjoy your last two weeks before the big day - take it easy and take care of those feet, before and after.

Thanks for the shout out and support!


Marcy said...

Awwwhhhhhhhh you're Mom is soooo cool!! I want a Mom like that! My Mom would send me . . .well . . .nothing LMAO!

Did you figure out a strategy as far as the nips go, yet? Of course I'm the whacko that's all interested in that kind of stuff LOL

sRod said...

Amanda--The co-workers ahven't complained...yet.

Amy--I like to call out good work when I see it.

Marcy--I'm going with the bandage across the nip technique (which involves a little chest hair trimming...super fun). I saw someone today with the Nip Guards and realized they are the pocket protectors of the running world.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

YEAH MOM!! She sounds awesome. I don't think I was first, but close. I actually got a sneak preview when they were developing and was sworn to secrecy. The site is pretty cool!!

You are almost there. Hang in there. WE will listen!