Oh hey

So you might be wondering where I've gone.  It's been way over a month since my last post, but I haven't fallen off the face of the earth: I just finally ran out of time for this blog.  And what happened that sucked up all my free time?  This guy happened:

After YEARS of wanting to have a dog we finally adopted one.  We both had a random Summer Friday in mid-July and decided that day we were going to the shelter to check out what dogs they have.  We couldn't bring ourselves to buy a dog because we couldn't justify spending so much just to buy a dog when there are millions in shelters that need homes.

We went to Animal Haven, which is a private no-kill shelter in Soho that one of Wifey's co-workers volunteers at often.  After seeing one or two other puppies we saw this little eight pound heap of furry love.  He had been dropped off that morning and hadn't been in the shelter for more than a few hours.  We brought him home that day and quickly named him Benny.  It's been a lovefest ever since.

Now we are "dog people" doing the morning and evening walks, always with a plastic bag or treat at the ready, paying way too much for things like puppy kindergarten and dog sitters (yes, we've done both so far).  I have no idea what this means for the future of See sRod Run.  While I won't have time to sit at a computer at home, I might find another way to post periodically.  Just rest assured that I am still running--and running strong at that--although now it is with a little marshmallow nipping at my heels.

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