Runner Bingo, round two

So this game is going fast than I thought.  Over the past two runs I filled five more boxes on the grid:

  • Barefoot runner (spotted 7/19, Astoria track): there were actually two of them at the track yesterday, which I think marks the tipping point for barefoot running in Astoria
  • Getting "chicked" (spotted 7/19, Astoria track): so I've found that there are several running groups/clubs that are based on the track.  The most annoying of them is a group that runs 400m repeats and decides to in the inner 3-4 lanes at the last turn of the track--i.e., the worst thing possible for anyone trying to do repeats.  I hate them for this...and for one of their runners chicking me yesterday.
  • Shirt from a race I've run (spotted 7/16, Central Park): I spotted a t-shirt from the Healthy Kidney 10K right after entering the Central Park, and it looked like it was even the same year I ran the race
  • Running after a race (spotted 7/16, Queensboro Bridge): there were actually a few overzealous runners who were running over the Queensboro Bridge with their race bibs still on from an event in Central Park
  • D-Tag on shoe (not during race) (spotted 7/16, Central Park): I really don't understand people who do this, just cut it off, it's pretty hard to forget about the bright orange things popped up from your shoe

Double running stroller
Barefoot runner
Getting “chicked”
Slow running group, 3+ abreast
Running in the bike lane
Article of 80’s running gear
Shirt from a race I’ve run
Batman belt
Power walker
Overdressed for the weather
Getting “geriatricked”
Running against traffic on track
Running after a race
Cyclist on running path
Long socks with shorts
Inappropriate foot wear
D-Tag on shoe (not during a race)
Non-iPod music device
Overly coordinated running outfit
Camel Pack
Bandana on head
Runner with multiple dogs

1 comment:

Laura said...

I think you should use one of those randomizer tools for your bingo game and then only check things off for one run at a time. Red letter day if you manage to get bingo in one run!

Or if you really want to go nuts - run UNTIL you get bingo :)