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Back from the Mount Desert Island Marathon and vacation and needed to get through a weedy week at work before even thinking about blogging.  Gosh it's rough to get back into this.

Per usual as part of race write ups around here I'm including my playlist from the race.  (And a heavily notated playlist at that.)  I actually heard very little of this playlist during the race because my iPod ran out of charge after listening to it off-and-on for half the race.  So I really don't know how cohesive this playlist is. 

  • Hey There Delilah; Plain White T’s
  • Hometown Glory; ADELE
  • Burial; Miike Snow (I’m a late comer to Miike Snow, but I find this whole album perfect for running)
  • Pumped Up Kicks; Foster the People (musical crush of the moment)
  • The Mystery Zone; Spoon
  • But, Honestly; Foo Fighters (Foo Fighters make a large showing on this playlist, I’ve started to listen to them a lot during runs)
  • One Last Time; The Kooks
  • Katherine Kiss Me; Franz Ferdinand
  • Ready to Start; Arcade Fire
  • Rumour Has It; ADELE
  • Cult Logic; Miike Snow
  • Helena Beat; Foster the People
  • Thunder On the Mountain; Wanda Jackson (I want to love Wanda Jackson, but for some reason I just end up liking her)
  • Soulchaser (US Mix); Caesars (I love running to this song for one reason: there is a phrase that goes “you’ve gone way too far by now to turn around, running fast and you’re running blind, but the past is always close behind, a million leaves are falling to the ground” and it always makes me think of running to the finish line of the NYCM in Central Park)
  • You Make My Dreams; Daryl Hall & John Oates
  • Silvia; Miike Snow (this song is to intoxicating!  Once I hear it I can’t get it out of my head for the rest of the day)
  • Life On the Nickel; Foster the People
  • Volare; Gipsy King (I was apprehensive about including this song, but it’s such a change of musical pace that it’s actually refreshing during a race)
  • Show Me What I’m Looking for; Carolina Liar (I love getting lost in the bells and lyrics of this song while running)
  • Daylight; Matt & Kim (this song makes me so happy that I can barely stand it)
  • Light of the Morning; Band of Skulls (thank you Mustang commercial for turning me onto this song, Band of Skulls has such an old school sound that I have a hard time believing they weren’t plucked straight out of the 70s)
  • Better Off; Foo Fighters
  • Howlin’ for You (feat. Prins Thomas Diskomiks); The Black Keys
  • Not New In N.Y.; The Fashion
  • That’s Not My Name; The Ting Tings
  • I Should Have Known; Foo Fighters
  • Roxanne; The Police
  • Sweet Disposition; The Temper Trap (I got turned onto this song from a friend’s wedding video/a Diet Pepsi commercial, I can’t understand a single word, but it fills me with hope anyway)
  • Long Heels Red Bottoms; Trina (this song is ridiculous, but it’s like junk food for my ears)
  • Rope (Deadmau5 Mix); Foo Fighters (a really, really good remix of a really, really good song)
  • Boys and Girls; The Fashion
  • Tighten Up; The Black Keys (I have one problem with the Black Keys and that is that their songs all sound the same, awesome consistency, but I can never convince myself to have more than two of their songs in one playlist because it feels like I’m just adding the same song)
  • Come On Eileen (Single Edit); Dexy’s Midnight Runners (who doesn’t love this song?)
  • Miss the Misery; Foo Fighters
  • Teenage Beats; The Fashion
  • I Know What I Am; Band of Skulls
  • Home; Edward Sharpe& The Magnetic Zeros
  • I’m Not Over; Carolina Liar (a great song for late in the race)
  • Wake Up; Arcade Fire (this is a great hook to sing along to, and sing-a-longability is a key measure for running music)
  • Love Today; Mika (a musical burst of energy)
  • Cosmic Love; Florence + The Machine (this song is a bit over the top, but there is something so primal about the drums and Florence’s singing, I get this great image of a high priestess invoking the elements, gods, stars, and planets to do her bidding)
  • Long Road to Ruin; Foo Fighters
  • Soul; Paper Tongues
  • Sins of My Youth; Neon Trees
  • Beat It (feat. John Mayer); Fall Out Boy (an awesome cover of an already great song)
  • Cheer Up, Boys (Your Make Up Is Running); Foo Fighters
  • Any Way You Want It; Journey
  • I Gotta Feeling; Black Eyed Peas (cliché, I know, but it works)
  • Animal; Neon Trees
  • Bridge Burning; Foo Fighters
  • Month of May; Arcade Fire
  • Reptilla; The Strokes
  • Don’t Stop Believin’; Journey (funny thing about me and this song: I always think it’s bigger than it actually is.  The notes aren’t actually as high as I think they are, the music isn’t as frilly/complicated as I remember them.  I think the subsequent covers of this song have built this impression.)
  • Dog Days Are Over; Florence + The Machine (there is something very, very addictive about this song, and during training I found out that it worked really well at the end of a run)
  • The Pretender; Foo Fighters (ok, there is a lot of Foo Fighters on here, but this song is so great, it is one of my all time favorites)
  • Let’s Dance to Joy Division; The Wombats (this was included more out of tradition than anything else)


James said...

long list! I'm going to have to steel some of your songs, many of these I'm not even familiar with.

sRod said...

Thanks James! It's about 3:45:00 worth of music. And I should note that quite a bit of this is new music--so it all hasn't been "road tested".