If everyone else did it...

...then yes I would jump off a bridge.

Thia ABCs of Me meme is making it's round around the blogosphere.  So I'm throwing in my 26 cents:

Age: 27--although I that really seems a lot older than I feel.

ed size: Queen

Chore you hate: loading the dishwasher.  I'm awesome at everything else (laundry, cooking, cleaning) but I can't seem to bring myself to load the dishwasher or empty it.

Dogs: I love dogs and really, really want one.  However, we're trying to do the good thing and adopt one which is really hard when you're constantly traveling and live in a small apartment (and therefore need a small dog).  And the paperwork for some of these rescues!  It's like applying for a mortgage.

Essential start your day item: a bowl of frosted mini-wheats with a banana

Favorite color: blue, any and all shades

Gold or silver: er, white gold? 

Height: as an adult I thought I was 5'11", but my co-workers didn't believe me and measured me at 5'9"--which I don't believe

Instruments: I dabbled in piano for probably six months as a kid...man was that piano teacher crazy.  Always wanted to play a string instrument like the violin, but I quickly realized that I don't really have any musical talent

Job title: Strategy Supervisor

Kids: not yet

Live: New York City, specifically in Astoria

Mom's name: Aurea

Nicknames: eh, I've never been a big person for nicknames, but sRod is the only one that has really had traction after childhood

Overnight hospital stay: never, but as a kid I did want to stay a hospital so that I could eat the food.  I know that's weird.  there was just something about the neat organized tray that I wanted to experience.

Pet peeve: lately it has been bad subway etiquette, but there are plenty of others

Quote from a movie: lately I've been quoting "you don't eat no meat?" a lot

Right or left handed: correct handed

Siblings: one older sister

Time you wake up: if I'm running it's 530, if I'm not then 650, Sat/Sun usually 715

Underwear: often

Vegetable you dislike: cucumbers (yes, I know they are a fruit, but  really hate them and they are often served with veggies)

What makes you late: my wife-- :) love you!!!

X-rays you've had done: once when I thought I busted my knee by running too much (turned out my IT band was too tight from never having been stretched)

Yummy food you make: banana cake and basically any form of omelette

Zoo animal favorite: tiger

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Irish Cream said...

Mmm, banana cake. That sounds amazing. Want!

Also, I can't believe our crappy luck! It would have been awesome to meet up while you were here for 3M!! Ah well, if you are ever in Austin again, now you know to look me up :)