Life in chaos

These past two weeks since the eye injury have been rough. If it wasn't being short staffed at work, then it was painting or "snowpocalyse." To top it all off we are on the last day of our move weekend. We got everything moved over in one day (thanks to two very dear and now tired friends) but after spending all day yesterday unpacking we stil have piles of stuff to go through.

And running? Well, between a big ass now storm on Wednesday and having no idea where my running clothes are, I have been not running for almost a week now. The good news is that DC is still over a month away so I should still be in good shape for that...I hope.

Off to keep unpacking.


Adam said...

Packing / unpacking is easily my least favorite thing to do. Although, I've never done it with a bum eye. So, I guess I could add packing/unpacking to the list of things that just may be worse.

Biscuitman said...

Hi Rod

I've been a bit slack with catching up with blogs. Sorry to read about your eye but glad its nothing permanent. I had something similar once but not as bad so can sympathise a bit. Don't envy you the weather you are having - you'll need to hunt out a treadmill I reckon.