All your internet are belong to us

We finally have internet service at home! For some reason Time Warner (the occasional bane of my existence) cancelled our appointment last Saturday with no notice whatsoever. We ended up going a week without cable or internet service. Fortunately, Wifey was smart enough to check if there was some kind of signal on the existing wire, and sure enough we were able to pick up the broadcast networks through the cable line--so we have been able to keep up with the Olympics.

On the running front, I'm finally started to get back into training. A week of no running was horrible--as yesterday's 12 mile run proved. It is not going to be pleasant getting back up to speed. However, I did register for the National Half-marathon this morning, so that is set for March 20. Now to figure out accommodations.


Allie said...

Oh man, I would die without internet for a week. Sad, huh?
Good luck on the half, can't wait to hear how you do.

Laura said...

I'll second Allie's comment... ever since I got my smartphone, I think I'd die without internet for more than a few hours :)

I'm doing the National Full - maybe we can meet up? Staying with a friend though so I prob can't help you on the accommodations front.