Wrapping up the NYCM

We’re still not done with the NYCM! I never got to post my playlist prior to the race and immediately afterward I was too consumed with my five-part race report to write up the ol’ list of play. [Side note: FIVE part? Geez, I wouldn’t think that was necessary unless I wrote it. Screw self-editing, right?]

I slapped together my playlist at the last minute—literally. In the last hour before I went to sleep on Saturday night I took out all my race day stuff and added two hours worth of music to my last Half-Marathon playlist (i.e., Grete’s Great Gallop). I’m not proud of it, but it was the only time I had.

Funny thing is that the music worked out really well during the race. I only listed to about two-thirds of the thing (accounting for pauses to check my pace), but I was really happy every time a song started. Perhaps I have been over-hinking my music selection—Marcy haunts me from beyond the blog-grave!!
  • Proud Mary; Tina Turner
  • Brandy Alexander; Feist
  • Bennie and the Jets; Elton John
  • Ulysses; Franz Ferdinand
  • Boston; Augustana
  • Chocolate; Snow Patrol
  • Under Control; Parachute
  • Lucid Dreams; Franz Ferdinand
  • Bulletproof; La Roux
  • Tears Dry On Their Own; Amy Winehouse
  • Heavy Cross; Gossip
  • Losing Touch; The Killers
  • PYT; Michael Jackson
  • Spaceman; The Killers
  • Always Where I Need to Be; The Kooks
  • Lisztomania; Phoenix
  • No You Girls; Franz Ferdinand
  • Tick of Time; The Kooks
  • Dog Problems; The Format
  • Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground); The Jacksons
  • Heads Will Roll; Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • Jump In The Pool; Friendly Fires
  • Resistance; Muse
  • Can You Feel It; Michael Jackson
  • HAPPY Radio; Edwin Starr
  • Paris; Friendly Fires
  • Blinded By the Light; Manfred Mann's Earth Band
  • Barracuda; Heart
  • Canned Heat; Jamiroquai
  • I Saw It on Your Keyboard; Hellogoodbye
  • Human; The Killers
  • My Moon My Man; Feist
  • Read Between the Lines; KSM
  • Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough; Michael Jackson
  • Uprising; Muse
  • The Love You Save; Jackson 5
  • I’m Bad; The Last Vegas
  • Zero; Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • I Kissed a Girl; Katy Perry
  • Beat It; Fall Out Boy
  • American Boy; Estelle
  • I Don't Feel Like Dancin'; Scissor Sisters
  • I Want You Back; Jackson 5
  • This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race; Fall Out Boy
  • Reptilia; The Strokes
  • Times Like These; Foo Fighters
  • Shockwave; Black Tide
  • Let's Dance to Joy Division; The Wombats
  • The Pretender; Foo Fighters

Onto lessons I learned from the NYCM, now that I’ve had time to decipher them:

  1. I really did try to have faith in all the training I had done—and while it might not have produced a 3:40 finish time, I still finished very strong and repeated my PR. So the strategy worked! I will be keeping this in mind for future races.
  2. My hamstrings were mysteriously NOT fatigued. I thought it was just a post-race fluke, but then the week of recovery they were never sore. I’m not sure why this happened. I need to investigate this. I’m wondering if I didn’t use them enough during the race.
  3. I really liked my training schedule. It worked well with my work/life schedule yet managed to incorporate an extra day of running. The only thing is that I stepped up the mileage without setting my alarm clock earlier—so toward the end I had to cut runs short since I was running late.
  4. I used to like Tempo runs, but now that I’ve gone through a training cycle having to do Tempo runs outside I no longer like them. In addition to having to run these outside, I lowered the pace for Tempo runs A LOT. I may have been too ambitious this time around, but should be OK using these paces for the next training cycle.
  5. I knew my stomach was sensitive in the morning, but I never realized just how sensitive it was until I moved out of the gym, far away from any bathroom. I may have to start drinking coffee first thing in the morning just to get the constitutional out of the way before I start running.
  6. The NYCM forces you to get to the starting line early. Ridiculously early. I’m normally a “just in time” type of runner, getting to the starting corral within minutes of the gun. So sitting in Ft. Wadsworth for over an hour was very different. But all that time let me prepare correctly, both mentally and physically.
  7. Focus! I doubt there is any runner who can’t stand to focus a bit more, but I felt I had an incredibly hard time on the course focusing on my race. I suspect this was mostly due to the huge crowds. However, I think I could stand to devise some kind of mental process to stay focused during a race.
  8. I can’t forget to stretch. My IT bands got really tight toward the end of the training cycle—and that is purely because I wasn’t taking enough care of them. Now that I’ve had time to rest I’ve been able to stretch more before and after runs and use heating pads to help loosen the muscles—I need to carry this through to the next training cycle.
  9. It was strange, but I was very sore after this race. After Newport and the Pig I just kinda sprang back to life the next day, but I was tapped out by the NYCM. I didn’t get back to 100% until the following Thursday. Not sure what lesson to take out of this, but it’s worth keeping in mind.

Last, but not least, my time. I still don't have a resolution on that. I've sent pictures to the NYRR and long emails explaining what I think happened, but they're still trying to figure out what to do. There will be a final update on that, one day.


Irish Cream said...

Whenever someone posts a play list, I always get really excited about it and claim that I will update my own (which I have SO grown bored with) . . . this time, I really mean it! Thanks for sharing your tunes!

Love all of the lessons learned. I think I need to start doing that after all of my races; perhaps it would help me to avoid making the same mistakes OVER and OVER again!

I can't believe NYRR still hasn't figured out what to do about your time! That must be so frustrating. Hope they can resolve it soon!

Adam said...

Interesting that you were so much more sore during this race. Were there more hills? Were you pushing harder? What about the lack of travel, did that have anything to do with it??

Anywhoo, hopefully you get that time stuff figured out SOON. If anything just get SOME time in there so it counts towards your 50 states - even if you don't get exactly the right time.

FLYERS26 said...

I still am having issues w/ Philly and my finish time!
I will say, we finished at about the same time.
Congrats on the run.
FYI.. My playlist, I go for albumn lenghts, and not individual songs. Works better for me. I even go so far, as find the most recent set list from my fav bands, and go with that. If I have the live version on the song, I use that one. I did U2 recently and loved it.