New York, we have a problem

Oh New York, how I underestimated you. Deep inside I really thought all the hype about the race was just that: hype. I was so very wrong. The moment I turned the corner to face the starting line--the Verrazzano standing tall in the background and Frank Sinatra singing "New York, New York"--I was done.

However, there appears to be a problem, a big one: my timing chip did not work. I don't understand what happened because it worked when I picked it up at Expo and I've successfully used D-Tags a couple times now. But no one received updates while I was on the course and I'm not listed on the results page (name or number). I've already emailed NYRR to see WTF is up with this, but as you can imagine, things are a bit hectic over there.

So for now I'll have to use Fenny's time: 3:50:26.


Adam said...

Maybe you just ran so fast that the D Tag couldn't register it? A regular roadrunner. It could happen, right?

I finished watching NBC's coverage (to see who won) and then was going to look you up but I couldn't find you. Very strange. I've heard that NYRR has been good about this in the past, so hopefully you'll have some luck.

Irish Cream said...

Whoa! Crazy stuff! I hope it all gets sorted out soon, but regardless, congrats to you on another great marathon finish!! You rock ;)

Jess said...

Congrats on your finish and the sub- 4 hour time! I'm sure Fenny is pretty close to what the chip would have timed you as. But it does suck to not have an official time.

Ted said...

They spend trillion of dollars on Space Shuttles and now they cannot figure out how to resolve the D-tag.

Congratulations !!! I knew you would do a sub 4 hour on this one. Phenomenal dude !

Biscuitman said...

Great job - glad you made it after couldn't find you on the tracking (stalking) thingo.

Easily sub 4 with a huge base to build on for the future. What a great day too - I watched it on the internet here in Perth (1am finish). Well done again!

RunToTheFinish said...

Hey you still rocked out another great race right? Sure hpe they find it soon so you will have the satisfaction of your name in print err digital print