The compulsory playlist post

As I mentioned in last weekend's post, one of my running neuroses that comes out in the two weeks before a race is to carefully craft a new playlist specifically made for the race. Unlike the my other 20ish playlists where I pick a fun group of songs and hit shuffle on my iPod, I actually mix (I use that term loosely) my race playlists to make sure each song flows into the next and somewhat corresponds with my need for musical support at that point during the race.

After realizing that there may be a flaw in the way I mix (once again, loose usage) my race playlists, I've attempted a different musical progression. Originally, I would (using the iTunes rating stars) follow my mental pattern during a race and start out with a very ambitious high energy group of songs. After the initial burst of energy, I'd move to the second group of songs that were slightly slower. Right in the middle of the mix I'd have the slowest songs, corresponding to the slower, uninteresting miles. Then I'd pick it up a bit to a faster set of songs before going onto a powerhouse set of songs that would carry me through the home stretch.

This progression of music kinda backfired during Fairfield where I was getting lots of fast songs on slow uphills. Because of that I've switched up the methodology and instead of following the intuitive route I've stacked songs according to what my pacing should be: start with slow songs and move onto faster ones (i.e., negative splits). So now, instead of using the iTunes stars to define song categories, I used the stars to identify pace.

After about an hour of working on this playlist--which is actually pretty quick for me--I finished Half-Marathon 7.0 (VT). (Yes, I do name my playlists that way; when you have 20 bazillion playlists you stop being creative and resort to practicality.) I'm actually pretty excited about this playlist, probably because I've bought a lot of new music lately and I haven't played the hell out of it yet.

So here's the finished product, in all it's eclectic beauty. There may be one or two tweaks between today and race day, but I'll note any of them.
  • Proud Mary; Tina Turner (per usual, this is my first song, it starts off the race with something very familiar and really, at this point it's just tradition)
  • American Boy; Estelle (I actually saw the video for this song at the gym several times, the problem was that I was listening to my iPod and never actually heard the song. After seeing the video on mute for the umpteenth time I YouTubed it when I got home and bought it quickly thereafter.)
  • Stuttering; Ben's Brother (this was actually the song from a commercial that wifey and I kept on singing around the apartment; I had to buy the song because we only knew the five second chorus from the commercial, and that got annoying real fast)
  • Eleanor Put Your Boots On; Franz Ferdinand
  • See the Sun; The Kooks (The Kooks are one of my newest additions: I've been playing their album non-stop for about a month now)
  • No One; Alicia Keys (see what I mean about slow?)
  • Hang Me Up to Dry; Cold War Kids (Wifey hates this band because she insists that they don't sing, they just whine into the mic and call it music. I can't say I disagree with her.)
  • Dog Problems; The Format (The Format are another of my newest additions, I had to resist the urge to put the whole album on the playlist)
  • Santo Santo; Gloria Estefan
  • Mr. Maker; The Kooks
  • Teenage Love Affair; Alicia Keys
  • Read My Mind; The Killers
  • She Doesn't Get It; The Format
  • Tears Dry On Their Own; Amy Winehouse (I figure at this point I'll need to channel my inner crack whore or bar mop, I get both with one with song)
  • Can I Get Get Get; JUNIOR SENIOR
  • Dead End; The Format (See what I mean having to resist puttign the whole album int he playlist? Three The Format songs in the past nine songs.)
  • Down to the Market; The Kooks
  • Touchdown Turnaround (Don't Give Up on Me); Hellogoodbye (my jury is still out on this band, but I'm giving them a chance on this playlist anyway)
  • Sea Lion Woman; Feist (I did some research on this song, turns out it is actually from the 1930s and has a little bit of controversy about it)
  • I Kissed a Girl; Katy Perry (...this time no one can say they don't know at least one song on my playlist)
  • Barracuda; Heart (and for those of you who don't know I Kissed a Girl, this is one you probably know from 1) hearing the original on vinyl or 2) the current Honda Odyssey commercial)
  • Time Bomb, The Kooks (apparently I have the same problem with The Kooks that I have with The Format)
  • Here (In Your Arms); Hellogoodbye
  • Reptilia; The Strokes (my hipster finest)
  • Shake Your Coconuts; JUNIOR SENIOR (wifey is disturbed by this song, so I take every chance to sing it in front of her)
  • The Phrase That Pays; The Academy Is (proof that you will buy music that you hear on Pandora)
  • Out Here All Night; Damone (my second favorite free iTunes song)
  • 25 Miles; Edwin Starr (I know, you're thinking daaaaaamn, where'd he pull that one from? Well, I'm thinking the same thing.)
  • Juicebox; The Strokes (this is the start of the gravvy songs)
  • Stronger; Kanye West
  • Let's Dance to Joy Division; The Wombats (my most favorite free iTunes song)
  • Shockwave; Black Tide (my third favorite free iTunes song)
  • The Pretender; Foo Fighters
  • Move Along; The All-American Rejects (much like how Proud Mary is my traditional opening song, this song is quickly becoming my traditional finishing song)


Marcy said...

Dang homie! You are WAAAYYYY into your tunes. For whatever reason I've been using less and less of the mp3 player.

Laura said...

Believe it or not, the only song I know on your playlist is the last one, Move Along. It sounds like you've given it a lot of thought and it will be a good playlist though!

Jess said...

I'm enjoying The Wombats these days too!

Looks like an excellent playlist!

Jess said...

So, get this: My word verification for that last comment was "crime"! I've never had an actual word come up in the verification! Feels exciting.

Nitmos said...

The only song we share is the Foo Fighters which tells me...you need to get different songs.