Size matters

My first several races were rather large: Boston was 5,000, Disney was 20,000+, Philly was 18,000+, even the Queens Half-Marathon was over 2,000 people. I naively thought that all distance races naturally attracted a lot of people. I never figured that there could be small races out there.

Throughout training for the Maple Leaf Half-Marathon I knew that the race would be small. I read somewhere on the small website that once in the 90s the race attracted 1,300 runners--which was about the size of the Fairfield Half-Marathon. So I assumed that it would be very similar to Fairfield.

Well, today I found the results from last year's Maple Leaf Half-Marathon. Anyone wanna take a guess at the masses that turned out for last year's run? Take a guess. A wild shot.

If you guessed 234 people, then you're right!

This race is not just small--it is tiiiiiiiiiiiny. I think there are more than 230 runners in Central Park on any given weekend. It's going to get lonely real fast out there. The only silver lining I can think of is that it'll be easier to stay focused on pacing since there'll be less runners out there.


Laura said...

Run With the Horses only had 79 finishers! I never thought I would like a small race - I always thought I needed herds of runners and crowds of spectators. But small races are really cool... I loved it and want to do more!

Marcy said...

You like em big, then? :P

Jess said...

All the better your chances of placing in your AG! PLus, maybe less weaving so maybe a better chance for a PR.

CyclingDivas said...

not too mention not wanting to be the last one....the smaller race might be more inspirational!

Amanda said...

OMG... I need more people than that to really get my mojo going. What did you think about the smaller crowd?

The Laminator said...

I think we passed by like 300 people on your leisure stroll around the park last weekend, so yeah, that's a really tiny race!

My advice is just make sure you pick some good music to keep you company!

Good luck, sRod...and by the looks of how great you ran over the weekend, you'll do very well.

Ted said...

I'd prefer small races. More chance to win in the age group thing. Nice homey feeling ! Less line at the Port a Potty.