A few more thoughts that haven't yet fallen onto the page

Just some final thoughts on Fairfield and then it'll be stored away:
  1. I PR'd! Yes, it was by one second, but as a few people have pointed out, my previous Half-Marathon PR was on a super flat course--actually the flattest course I've ever run. So the fact that this course was monstrously hilly and I still managed to come at just under my best time means that I have improved significantly.

  2. No bowel issues! My body has this weird way of knowing that it's race day and puts the whole system on lock down. However, not so during training. There have been plenty of near misses on training runs, and even a few hits...but there has only been two races (Disney and Queens) where I've had to stop to visit the little runner's room. If only there was a way to harness that race day lock down.

  3. No medal! I found out on race day that there would be no medal. That means yet another state that I have no medal for. Sigh. It seems a lot of the smaller races just don't believe in medals. Which I don't understand. How much are medals? $10 a person? Can't you just tack that on to the race fee and give everyone a memento of the race? Or use the money that you're using to pay for t-shirts to pay for medals instead--race t-shirts tend to be crappy anyway. But back to the point: I had originally stated that I would count a state as complete if I got a medal in that state. Well, from here on out I'm waiving that criterion: as long as I have a bib and finish the race, the state is counted. Although the NYC Marathon and Boston will stay on my list of long-term races because I feel I have to run them, some day.

  4. I will experiment with my playlist for the next race. I don't think I have the right progression of speed worked into my playlist methodology. For the next race day playlist I'm going to try starting off with a few upbeat songs to keep me excited through the first mile or two, then move onto slow songs gradually working faster until the 5-star songs.

  5. Despite the hilliness of the Fairfield course I still enjoy hills, if they are spread out and not in immediate succession. Hills give me a short-term goal to work toward: I have to run hard, push, and concentrate to make it to the top. And then you get a reward with the downhill. It's like a purge followed by a binge...but not detrimental to your health.

  6. For the many reasons I listed in my previous post, I will avoid driving to a race on race day morning. That should be pretty easy to accomplish since I've done every state within a three-hour drive radius.

In other news, wifey and I will be heading down to Miami for Independence Day weekend for a much needed trip to soak up the sun and see family. Might also get to run my first 5K and meet a RBF while I'm there. So if I'm MIA for the weekend it's because I'm in MIA. Oh God, did I really type that?

Speaking of family, two of mine have recently joining the endurance sports blogging world. About a month ago I got an IM out of the blue from my aunt that she and my sister had signed up for a century ride in October. While my aunt has always had the athletic bug, my sister, well, hasn't. So I didn't believe my aunt until she said that she witnessed my sister fill out the forms and turn them in herself.

Then, a few weeks ago, they started a blog. (Imagine that.) Within a few hours of posting a comment on their blog I was outed. Not that I was hiding my blog, but it just never came up. And really, how do you inject that into a conversation? "Merry Christmas mom and dad, I started a blog about running back in April." Ah no.

So now I've added the Cycling Divas (sister Sami and aunt Tia) to the blogroll--and no coincidence that the current post is about me. Give them a visit and if you have a few dollars lying around, donate in their name to Team In Training.


chia said...

I'm doing a "medal-free" event this weekend too... really makes me wonder what my $40 is paying for especially since there isn't going to be gatorade on the course and there are only 3 areas with "runners rooms" :-).

Congrats on the PR, best wishes to sis, and many hopes for a safe trip for you guys!!

Marcy said...

LOL you better be on your best behavior now that the relatives know where you are :P

nwgdc said...

I'm a big fan of the words "No Bowel Issues" followed by exclamation points! Congrats!

Have a great time in Miami!

Ted said...

I like your thoughts. Point well taken!! You have combat those hills with all your might and you still rocks!
Have a GREAT time down in Miami. I heard the South Beach is the place to go.

Laura said...

I'm fine with no medals because I never know what to do with them anyway. So far the best I've come up with is wearing them on the plane home in hopes of getting an upgrade... but it hasn't worked out for me yet.

As for the blogging thing, my mom knows I have a blog, but she doesn't know the URL or what I write about. Actually, I only have one "real life friend" who reads it, and I don't tell most people that I do. I guess I just feel like a big dork for having my own blog :)

Have a great time in Miami!

Leslie said...

I think it's cool to have a sibling who blogs...My little brother doesn't write one, or even reads mine, so yeah, I guess I'm jealous.

I like your few more thoughts, but it's funny because I never would even have guessed that they give out any medals at half-marathons. I guess I'm used to the way it is in NYC, where you don't get one for any of the grand prix half-marys. The only one they give one out for is the Nike Half-Marathon in July.

Have fun in Florida.

Jess said...

That sucks that you didn't get a medal! All half marathons should have medals!

See ya on Friday -- woohoo!

Kevin said...

I am doing a 10K this weekend that all they hype is about getting the shirt. Have a great time in MIA. Sounds like you bloggy peeps may be getting together for that 5K. Enjoy it

Nitmos said...

Anything at half mary or above should be an automatic medal. That's lame.

Hooray for no poopie.

Enjoy the time away!

Viv said...

What no medal?! That totally needs to be taken off the USATF sanctioning! It was so great to meet you today. I gotcha on my reader. Congrats on the 1/2 marathon PR and your 5K PR today. I hope you and the wifey have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

Amanda said...

Oh is Miami somewhere you have been before? My husband may get transferred there so I'm very interested.

I agree with everyone else..a PR is a PR however it happens.

J said...

I signed up for Fairfield. I downgraded to the 5k because it was so HOT! The only friends that didn't and decided to run the Half Mary were the guys. LOL!