I hate spring

I love running in this weather: not too hot, not too cold, the sun is up early, and there are lots of fair weather runners that I get to pick off because they haven't trained through the winter. But most importantly, running in the spring lets me get rid of all the junk that builds up in my system thanks to allergies.

I never had allergies before moving to the Northeast. The first 19 years of my life were spent in allergen-free splendor in South Florida. Then I spent my first year in college in Boston and I soon learned that October and May were not my friends.

And I don't get one or two symptoms--no, no, I get the whole package. Itchy eyes, itchy throat, stuffy nose, sneezing, and a more phlegm than most would think a human could produce. I end up spending the day in haze, tired because I couldn't sleep...and now extra tired because I went running after the no sleep. I don't complain about much, but allergies drive me up a wall because it feel like I'm giving myself a sucker punch.

The good thing is that running--in addition to its familiar laundry list of benefits--helps clear out my system. So even though this morning I went running outside, my eyes did not itch, there was no sneezing, and most thankfully all the build-up in my throat came out. Ahhhhh, relief.

All the decongesting really helped my running today too. I did speed work and really kicked some booty. I was supposed to do 2 miles at an 8:20 pace (turned into 8:00), 2 x 1 mile at a 7:50 pace (turned into 7:40), and 2 x 800m at a 7:40 pace (turned into 6:50). I swear, I have no idea where this speed is coming from.


The Laminator said...

Oohh, I know, I know. I've been sending you positive speed vibes from Jersey and hoping you'd get your own half-mary PR in Fairfield. Seriously, I think it just reflective of all the training you've done. Good job.

Just one question, Boss. Does that mean we can speed it up Sat on our run?

Jess said...

I still suffer from allergies here in South Florida -- the only difference now is that they're not seasonal.

Kevin said...

I grew up in South Fla. I moved to GA and am suffering here with aweful spring allergies. Great job on the run

Marcy said...

Hit me up with that 6:50 when you get a chance. I need some of that speed LOL Awesome job!

chia said...

I empathize with the allergen induced hell that is "spring running."

This morning I was rather shocked to be 1.) Running, 2.) Running 4 miles uninterrupted, 3.) Running at increasingly faster paces, such as yourself.

But the priceless bit of this story is when I smiled at the kids at their bus stop a few blocks from my "finish line" and they all pointed and laughed at the snotting debacle that is my rendition of "spring training" and collectively issued an "eeeeeeewwwwwww boogers" all in my general direction.

I'm hot cuz I'm fly.

Nitmos said...

I'm with you on the allergies thing. Claritin is my best friend now.

Excellent speed work. Kenyans, beware!

Ted said...

You are not alone. I hate it, too. However, it has not been so bad so far *knocking on wood twice* I have been taking claritin which helps tremendously. So far, it has rained a lot so I think that is a big plus. It kind of wash the pollen out.