The light at the end of the tunnel gets brighter

Had a great day in Brooklyn on Saturday. For brunch we wound up at a little local Tex-Mex place in the Park Slope neighborhood. We made the mile long trek up hill to the Brooklyn Museum afterward through some really cool brownstones blocks. Although, when we got to the museum I wasn't too impressed. Given the caliber of other museums in the city, the collections at the Brooklyn Museum weren't fantastic. But of course, the only other museums I've been to in the past few years are the Met, the MoMa, and the Whitney, which truthfully are in a whole different strata of cultural institutions.

Went to PT finally today. The doctor's diagnosis? IT Band Syndrome. No shock there, but nice to see a consistency across all the doctors I've seen and my own research. He stretched a few things and said my IT Bands (both sides) were very tight. He stretched a few more things to get kinks out. It was great until the last stretch where he contorted my leg in some level 5 yoga move that stretched things that have never been stretched before. He immediately iced the leg after that.

I'll be going back in on Monday and Wednesday of next week for some stretches to help work out the tightness in my right leg. The doctor says that recovery should only take a few weeks and that by the end of four weeks I should be fine to run again. That would leave me 2.5 months to get ready for Fairfield in June. Woo hoo!

Ok, now I'm getting back to watching the Project Runway finale--which my wife has made me a fan of.


Moon said...

Oh, good luck with the IBS! That's nice to hear that it's only a couple weeks' recovery, though - you'll be back in tip-top condish in no time, I'm sure :)

Non-Runner Nancy said...

That figures, the one thing that isn't supposed to be tight is tight. :D

I'm glad you're getting some care/help and moving on to recovery. I hope things are going better personally too. It's nice to make it through the turmoil to the other side.

I did the same for my hub on Project Runway, although we mostly Tivo it and have watched some older seasons.

Take care!!