Brooklyn Day

Ah, New York City. God I hate living here sometimes. During the winter it gets cold but it doesn't snow. During the summer it is way too hot for way too long. You can't own a car because a parking space costs as much as an apartment, and if you did own a car you couldn't get anywhere with all the traffic. People are rude and often stupid. House/apartment prices continue to soar through the ceiling even though you can't sell a home anywhere else in the country. The rats are the size of small cats and have no qualms with human interaction. And if it smells like urine in a subway station it's not a coincidence--someone did pee and it's probably that wet spot over there in the corner.

But even with all that, there are days where this city is quite lovely. Like today for example.

If my knee were at 100% I would have gone for a nice little run outside this morning because it's a decent 40 degrees outside. Then, later this morning, my wife has a quick doctor's appointment in the city. After that, we're having a Brooklyn Day.

I love Brooklyn. If things had worked out differently, we would be living there now. Brooklyn would be it's own world class city if it wasn't absorbed by NYC in 1899. It has everything you need in a city, but it has more charm than Manhattan--which is perpetually being rebuilt with glitzer and more glamourous buildings. Brooklyn is very neighborhoody and quiet, but is chock full of bars, restaurants, lounges, theatres, etc. (I should note that Brooklyn is also home to some of the most dangerous and deadly neighborhoods in the country; the parts I speak of are the nicer 'hoods.)

So we are meeting our friend, who lives in Brooklyn, for brunch. Then after that we're headed over to the Brooklyn Museum. I am a huge fan of museums. If my wife let me live to my nerdiest, I would go to a different museum every weekend. And the great thing about the Brooklyn Museum is that the first Saturday of every month (ahem, today) they are open until 11pm with special events. So that will be very fun.

After we are museum'd out, we're meeting another friend for dinner at some Thai restaurant--also in Brooklyn. And then we may be off to a concert...also in Brooklyn.

Looking forward to a great day.


Steve Stenzel said...

Wow...sounds like a good day! Have a great Brooklyn Day!!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Yes, NYC does have it's 'charms' - you paint such a vivid picture :D I love to visit but not sure I could live there. Have a great day in Brooklyn!!

Nitmos said...

Sounds like a love/hate relationship. If you want to enjoy a nice restaurant and museum, you go to this area of Brooklyn. If you are in the mood for a good stabbin', you go to this other area. You have it all at your door step!