$#&@ing IT Band

So it appears that I now have a problem with my IT band. The outside of my right knee hurts like no one's business whenever I run more than three miles. It has been happening since last Saturday.

I consulted my doctor (read: runnersworld.com) and the diagnosis is that I have IT Band Syndrome. The bad part is that I have to cut down running in order to bring down the inflamation. The good part is that it happens to runners of all experience levels and is easily treated.

So right as I'm supposed to peak in training for the Austin Half-Marathon I have to cut back my mileage. With so much stuff going on with work and the holidays maybe it's good that I have to reduce my training. The funny thing is that the training for this race has been plagued with injuries from the start. First there was Footgate--which still hasn't healed 100%. Now this. Maybe I'll develop an allergy to Gatorade just to round off the difficulties.


Marcy said...

:-( Bummer man!! Hang in there homie!! You'll be good as new in no time ;D ;D

Non-Runner Nancy said...

OFTLOG!! What's next.

Ted said...

&**()*^%#@%.... Dang, man! Most importantly is REST. Pack some ice and it shall past. BTW, Have a Happy New Year.