The Office

Haven't had much time to do much of anything this week: I haven't logged my training for the past two weeks, I haven't read up on blogs, and because it's Advertising Week here in NY I've had events all week.

But tonight I sleep and tomorrow I run. Baltimore is 15 days away and I must taper properly (more like properlyish).

I did get some inspiration before going to bed: watched the premiere of The Office tonight, which included a "5K fun run/walk race for the cure." Hilarious. Go watch it. Watch it now.


Marcy said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Excuses, excuses. Like you have a real life or something :P LOL JK!!

It's getting closer . . . .

Non-Runner Nancy said...

We've missed you. Don't do that to us again! :)

Your body will thank you for the proper taper.