Stormy weather

I ran in the rain this week. I've always been a fair-weather runner, but the idea of having to put in yet another run on a treadmill this week just turned me off completely; so when I went outside on Wednesday morning I was going to put in my 3 miles rain or shine. Of course, I told myself it would just keep on sprinkling...which turned out to be a lie.

A half-mile into the run I realized that the rain was only getting stronger. Thankfully, I had decided to leave my iPod at home. I turned up the speed, finished the 3 mile run, and got my stride work done all in about 40 minutes. Just as the rain became monsoon-like.

I know there is a school of runners out there that enjoys running in the rain--people who find it exciting and refreshing. I am not one of those runners. As I had always assumed, the rain just made me want to stop and go home. You get wet everywhere (a different kind of "wet everywhere" than sweat induces). You get depressed by the crappy weather. And all the puddles get your shoes soaked. Not my idea of fun.

Moral of the story: I will continue being a fair-weather runner.

And now a word about Harry Potter.... Spent last night hopping from event to event for the first night of sales for the book. We reserved our book at the Barnes & Noble at Union Square since that is the closest one to my office. What a bad idea. What a MAJORLY bad idea. Everyone and their mother was there...literally, all the kids had their moms. The line was a disorganized mess. It was chaotic and haphazard and kinda reminded me of the starting line corrals at a race. Its not something that I would do again--but that was the idea: this was something we could never do again.

So my wife is currently 87 pages into the book...which, quite frankly, is not far enough for this increasingly-impatient patient runner.

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