The new job

So in my infinite brillance I thought it would be just fine if I started a new job the day after I ran a Half-Marathon. I know, you were just thinking the same smart thing.

It actually sucks because since you're new, no one is there to share the excitement with you, which is a total runner's high killer. The one or two people who did ask how my weekend went didn't actually know how to respond to "oh, I ran a Half-Marathon yesterday." They kinda just smiled and said that's cool. And then the overshadowing tiredness didn't help at all.

But that was the first day. Things have been great ever since at the new place. Wonderful people. Unfortunately, I came just in time to start and finish a massive project in two weeks (at my old job I had two months to do it). So that has put a cramp in my running: gave myself a week off for a job well done at Long Branch and have since tried to get back to the gym, but no luck. May have to resort to mornings run, which my body will not like.

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