Let's just get this over quickly like pulling off a bandaid: I'm changing my blog.

It's a brand new year and resolution number one is to get back into blogging. I want to get back into it because writing out my thoughts puts complex ideas into a manageable format. The problem is that it's become pretty obvious that I've lost heart for this blog. And I've realized that it's because I've focused too narrowly. Running is hugely important to me, but it's not the only thing and the way I've built this blog running is really the only thing I can talk about here.

So starting today I am migrating over to tumblr, the URL is http://whatrunnery.tumblr.com. I've liked the tumblr format for years and it allows for smaller posts more easily, which opens the door for a wide variety of posts and topics. I'll still include lots of running stuff, but probably not as intense as what I've done on this blog (I'm still kinda figuring what exactly I'll be posting about). I can guarantee, though, that I will still do race reports.

For posterity's sake I will leave up this blog, but will no longer post to it after today.

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Light said...

aww. that's sad. I will check you at tumblr anyway :)