Runner Bingo, round three

I haven't been keeping an eye out for items on the game card lately, but there are four more squares that I have for sure accumulated since last time:

  • Getting "geriatricked" (spotted during MDI Marathon): there was a group of three guys in orange tops that were significantly older than me--probably just past middle age.  Around the halfway point I passed the whole group.  But then, just in mile 23-24 section of the race, one of them broke out and not only caught up with me, but passed me.  Not just passed me, but smoked me and faded into the distance far faster than he should have.
  • Camel Pack (spotted during MDI Marathon): an extrememly nice and friendly runner started chatting me up over the middle miles of the race.  She had a Camel Pack on and I was envious because my little water bottle can only hold 22 ounces, and even during chilly races, I need more water than that between water stops.
  • Overly coordinated running outfit (spotted during Labor Day weekend long run): a couple of women training for the Long Island Marathon (so said their shirts) were running in identical outfits.  For me that fills the requirement for "overly coordinated".
  • Runner with multiple dogs (spotted during Labor Day weekend long run): a woman with two large dogs randomnly rounded a corner a head of me and ran past me.  I thought I was never going to find this one!

Double running stroller
Barefoot runner
Getting “chicked”
Slow running group, 3+ abreast
Running in the bike lane
Article of 80’s running gear
Shirt from a race I’ve run
Batman belt
Power walker
Overdressed for the weather
Getting “geriatricked”
Running against traffic on track
Running after a race
Cyclist on running path
Long socks with shorts
Inappropriate foot wear
D-Tag on shoe (not during a race)
Non-iPod music device
Overly coordinated running outfit
Camel Pack
Bandana on head
Runner with multiple dogs

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