Recorded music for the live music capitol of the world

One of Austin's claims to fame is that it is "The Live Music Capital of the World."  I have no idea how they validate that or who even came up with it.  I can say that it felt like every bar and restaurant we went to while in Austin was promoting some band/musician/performer that was going to be playing their place in the upcoming week.

However, during the Half-Marathon I would not be able to enjoy this live music, so, per usual, I prepared a playlist of recorded music.

While the process was pretty much the same (spent more time making the playlist than running the race), I did break one long-standing tradition: for the first time in my 6+ years of running I did not start a long-distance race (Marathon or Half) by listening to Tina Turner's "Proud Mary."  It was part of the overriding theme to my training for Austin: I had gotten into a running funk so I needed to change up everything.  For my first Half-Marathon I like this song because it started off slow and then half-way through turns into a super-funk high energy.  It was a nice mix between pacing myself and racing.  It was good for then, and it was nice to have the tradition, but it was time to change.  (Of course, I changed it to a song that has a very similar structure.)

One last thing before going onto the actual music: while I have never run out of music during a race I have the fear that I will.  Despite knowing that I will pause the music several times in order to check my breathing I still pad the playlist by about six minutes.  The end result is that I usually only listen to two-thirds of any given playlist during a race.

  • Jacqueline; Franz Ferdinand  (it even looks weird starting the playlist with a song that isn't "Proud Mary," it feels like I skipped the first song)
  • Garbage Day; Brendan Benson
  • It’s Not the Fall That Hurts (US Mix); Caesars
  • Let’s Go Dancing; The Fashion
  • Supermassive Black Hole; Muse
  • I’m Not Over; Carolina Liar (odd song to put at the beginning, but it worked to kick up the pace)
  • Don’t Stop Believin’; Journey (don't judge, I'm a sucker for catchiness)
  • All of My Loving; Valley Lodge (piece of sRod trivia: this is the only band or artist in my music collection that I actually know in person--the drummer is one of my vendors)
  • Soulchaser (US Mix); Caesars
  • Long Road to Ruin; Foo Fighters
  • Renegade; Styx
  • That Girl; Plain White T’s
  • Kids; MGMT
  • Sins of My Youth; Neon Trees
  • Sea Lion Woman; Feist
  • A Little Less Conversation (JXL Radio Edit Remix); Elvis Presley
  • Love Today; Mika
  • That’s Not My Name; The Ting Tings
  • Not New In N.Y.; The Fashion
  • 1983; Neon Trees
  • Feel Like Taking You Home; Brendan Benson
  • Wake Up; Arcade Fire (Or as everyone called them after the Grammys: “Arcade Who?”)
  • Home; Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
  • Shout; The Isley Brothers (yeah, it’s cliché and I try to avoid clichés [please ignore "Don't Stop Believin'" above], but I put it on here anyway—oddly enough, I never ended up hearing it during the race)
  • Poised and Ready; Brendan Benson
  • Percussion Gun; White Rabbits (awesome song for late in the race)
  • The Pretender; Foo Fighters
  • Let’s Dance to Joy Division; The Wombats
  • Move Along; The All-American Rejects (although I changed my starting song, the finishing set of songs didn’t really change that much)

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