Gym Carnie-vale

I heart my new gym.  I really do.

It's a ten minute walk from home, it has lots of space (a big deal in NY!), there always a treadmill open that isn't adjacent to someone already on a treadmill, it has a great range of machines, there is a huge stretching area, and it's about $30 less then I was paying at my old gym (and that's including the couple discount we had).  But the one thing I love most is that it is full with gym carnies.

I've been going to this gym now for less than three month, but geez, I had no idea--if I had, I would have signed up sooner.  A morning doesn't go by that I don't laugh to myself at the cast of characters that parade through the place.  I can't wait to share them all.

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Laura said...

Ha, I love that it's not just a free treadmill, but a free treadmill with the ones next to it open as well :) Too funny.

Looking forward to hearing the tales of the carnies!