Summer Streets gets badass

While hanging out with The Laminator for his birthday festivities, he brought up that we should get together for a Summer Streets run this year.  I had completely forgotten about Summer Streets until he mentioned it--much less did I realize that Summer Streets would start in only a few days.  I guessed since I hadn't heard anything about it this year that they had gone the way of most frivolous looking city programs during this economic situation.

Oh, but how I couldn't be more wrong.  A quick visit to the site lets me know that Summer Streets is very much alive.  I just pulled up the site and sure enough, the first three weekends in August NYC will continue to shut down Park Ave from 72nd Street to Brooklyn Bridge.  The schedule has the usual bunch of exercise classes, bike rentals, and karate demonstrations.  It's all truly wonderful stuff that makes me love being in this great city--and provides a rare reprieve from the usual long run routes.

But why is it now badass?  What did they do to this genius idea to make it badass?  They added a pool.  That's right: in the middle of Park Ave they are setting up a bunch of dumpster pools (thanks to the crazy kids at Macro|Sea) and the public can swim in them.  What are dumpster pools?  Macro|Sea has reclaimed some old dumpsters, given them a fine cleaning, and outfitted them as the hottest, hippest pools you can imagine.  It's music to this urbanophile's ears.

I can't wait for Saturday!

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FLYERS26 said...

Dumpster pools?? What will they think of next???!!