More runner's speak

I'm adding a new term to my runner lexicon: suicide repeats

Yesterday, I was at an off-site meeting for the afternoon which ended at 4:30, meaning that I got to go home early and that I was comfy on the couch by 5:15.  Having all this free time on my hands and knowing that Wifey wouldn't be home for a while, I headed over to the park to do something that kinda resembled cross-training.  Really, I did push ups and a bunch of crunches--I would have done pull ups too, but there were some punky kids hanging around the pull up bars and I just wasn't down for that.

I had full intentions to make it a 100% non-running workout.  But when I saw the track full of people--some of which were much faster than my morning crowd--I couldn't resist turning onto the track after getting off the sit-up bench.

That morning I had done a so-so effort at a Tempo run and I knew the following morning (today) I would have 1600m repeats, so I didn't want to do anything too crazy or anything that I would normally do.  I did a warm up lap and followed that with 100m strides to help me get my form in shape.  After each 100m of strides I would recover with 300m and then repeat.  It was amazing to see my form get increasingly efficient as I went through four 100m strides--by the end I was going faster than I started but spent much less energy. 

After the fourth recovery lap I decided to finish with something fun: run all out, holding form as best possible, for 100m, take a 100m recovery around the curve and then go straight into the same all out effort.  In the middle of that craziness I thought that this was suicidal because these repeats were killing everything I had left on the table.  I quickly put that together into a compact, marketable, jargony phrase: suicide repeats.

Later that night I received confirmation that I had coined the phrase appropriately.  When I told Wifey what I did at the track, she responded with "oh, that's dangerous!"  Double point score!  One point for sounding badass, another for impressing the ladies......um...impressing the lady...um...the only lady...in my eyes (triple score for kissing up!).


Adam said...

YES!!!! Gosh, if you say that it involves blood or scars and I think you may have the four-peat.

FLYERS26 said...

Great job, and I might just have to use that term from now on!