Two terrible taxis

Normally, the week and particularly the night before leaving for a race is very intense in the sRod household. There's packing, last minute "oh crap I forgot thats," playlist making, and various other things that create a controlled chaos. Not so last night.

Last night I left work at 10:30. Mostly I was there for work, but at 10:05 I get a frantic email from Wifey that she left her cell phone in a cab. I called her phone--no luck. I called 311, but Wifey didn't have the taxi I'd number, so that was fruitless.

When I left the office I hopped in a cab myself. But once we crossed over to Brooklyn the cab got a flat. WTF. Double cab troubles. And since this was a fairly remote part of Brooklyn there was no chance I could pick up another one, so I had to wait for the guy to change tires.

Fortunately, the guy was super quick with changing the tire. Then, right before getting home I trtied calling Wifey's phone one last time--and some one picked up! The person was super nice and agreed to meet us this morning before we head down to DC.

But by the time I got home, our thai food arrived, and I set up time to get the phone it was past midnight. We just passed out knowing this morning we'd be making a mad dash to pack, pick up the rental car, and get to midtown by 10:30.


Allie said...

Whoa! Talk about hectic! Hope everything else goes a lot more smoothly for you.

Krista said...

What a crazy day! Glad to hear the phone got returned! I hope your morning went more smoothly and you make it to DC without any trouble.

Adam said...

WOW! You had better buy a lottery ticket or something. The way I look at it, you have all of the bad luck out of the way so now you only have good luck coming!

Have fun down in DC

Laura said...

Glad you eventually got things worked out... can't wait to hear how you thought the race went :)

Psyche said...

That is some crazy taxi action. Can't wait to hear about all the GOOD luck you had at the race:)