Got a new face

As you can see, I tinkered around with some of the new template capabilities in Blogger in Draft.  It's been almost three years since I've done anything to the aesthetics of this site, so I figured I should give the thing a facelift especially with my blogoversary coming up next month.  I'm also hoping that this helps get me back in the writing mood since I've been sucking at that for past three months. 

It's kinda like I'm saying: "here you go honey: daddy bought you a new face to buy your love."

Well.  Maybe not exactly like that, but close.


Queenie said...

I really like your new blog look. Very nice!

The Laminator said...

Yeah! Get back on that blog writing horse! Okay, I'll say it. Some people have missed ya - Sheesh!

BTW, I'm going to be down in DC for National next weekend too! I'm volunteering not running though, but hopefully I'll see ya either Fri or Sat.

Adam said...

Yeah, I like the new loook too.

Kevin said...

I am really enjoying blogger in draft. Changes that would have taken me hours to recode and test take only a few minutes now. Much easier