Taperitis relapse

I'm going to come out and say this: for the first time ever I am failing to taper. Usually I can begrudingly get myself to slow down, get used to the reduced mileage, and properly prepare for a big race. Not so this time around. I had to stretch out my peak long runs an extra week do to our anniversary weekend (like hell I was going to run 20 miles while on an anniversary getaway) and that has played a big part of it. But here we are only six days (!!) from the NYCM and I am exhausted. I went a little too rough on my long run yesterday afternoon (an 8:23 pace vs. an intended 9:00+ pace) and the early morning three miles this morning were easy, but still an unwelcomed wake up call.

So I'm going to try going to bed at 10pm on the dot tonight and get a full eight hours before tomorrow's tempo run. Also, I'm going to tell my nerves to settle down: race day isn't until Sunday, so save some of the nervous jitters for then.


Jess said...

Try and get some extra rest before Sunday!

And, belated happy anniversary!

Adam said...

Meh - don't stress about it. About 3/4 of what I've read says that you shouldn't slow down for taper just reduce the mileage. of course, they say that you shoudlnt' run all tempo pace either :)

Keep telling yourself it is probably all in your head.

Irish Cream said...

Oh man, you are so good. Do not even worry. I broke basically EVERY SINGLE rule of taper before Chicago, and I ran the best race of my life. I mean, I trashed my legs one week prior to the big day with WAY too many squats with WAY too much weight . . . and I was totally fine.

Get some rest and you'll be good to go ;)

Biscuitman said...

What is your number so we can check how you are going using the tracking system on the NYC marathon website?

Hope you are starting carboloading today!