Cute--painful--but cute

Did you guys hear about the marriage proposal during last weekend's Chicago Marathon? I just read the story here: http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local-beat/chicago-marathon-proposal-64016052.html?yhp=1.

As a runner, that's absolutely how I would have proposed--if Wifey ran Marathons too. But really, right before the finish line? You can't jeopardize a BQ like that!


Jess said...

Too cutesy.

Adam said...

Ha, I have to think that if my wife ran marathons she would be like "What, what are you doing?? Let's do this after we get our medals.... go go go go"

Irish Cream said...

Confession: ever since I heard a story about somebody else getting engaged during a marathon, I've wanted Wilson to propose to me during one (ha, looks like he missed his opportunity on Sunday!). But shit, if I was trying to BQ?! That would be a completely different story. If I were that chick, I would have left his sorry ass behind! Getting engaged can wait. A BQ? Not so much!

Ted said...

I have heard of couples getting married while running the Las Vegas marathon. The priest (also a runner) officated halfway through the marathon with a couple. Hilarious!

Hey Rod -- Thanks for following my progress to Newport Marathon. I am aware that you have done this last year. I've been following the weather report. Oy oy oy.. 50 degrees with wind chill factor of 30s with heavy rain and 20+ mph. A classic monster we all know called Nor'eastern. Yikes !! I have studied the map and it looks like most run will be right along the coastline. My mind is like a see-saw this morning whether I should wear short or long pant? short? long pant? What your takes?