And now for a full transition to something else

During training for The Flying Pig one of the things I promised myself was to use June to do all the stuff I want to do, but never get a chance to do during Marathon training. See, I'm not planning another race until September at the earliest, meaning that I don't have to start training until July.

What exactly does this mean? Well, here's the weekly schedule I've settled on:
  • Tuesdays: Five mile tempo run
  • Wednesdays: Weights
  • Thursdays: 800s
  • Fridays: Weights
  • Saturday: Long run with running group

I'm keeping the tempo run because I got my tempo runs in a really good place during training and I want to keep that. Also, I feel like tempo runs are the hardest to get back after you stop training--so I'll be easing the transition into the next training cycle.

The two days of weights? Well, I would do other cross training, but I don't have a bike, can't swim for more than a lap, and my gym doesn't have a rowing machine (WTF?). So I'm left with weights. And that's fine by me since I could stand to do a couple bench presses.

I'm bringing in the 800s to help with speed. I usually do 1600s during Marathon training, but I'm bringing it down to 800 to see what I can really do. (I've already done one 800 workout and crikey was that hard! These legs are slow!)

And the long run on the weekend? Any long term reader knows that I am trying to get a free pair of shoes out the 89th Street Super Runner's Shop. I have to do 10 group runs with the shop's group in order to get a free pair. And even though I've been at it for over a year I still haven't made it to that magical number 10--technically.

By my count I've run with the group about 17 times since I started last March, but since they renew the counts at the start of the year, my nine runs in 2008 didn't carry forward. So I had to start 2009 from scratch.

Given my traveling and conflict so far this year, I've run eight times with the group and I have no planned weekend interruptions for the next several weekends. Those free shoes will be mine!


Jess said...

That's awesome that the shop uses free shoes as a carrot dangling in front of you.

Adam said...

That sounds like a pretty good plan to me. I'm trying to work in more lifting too - with limited results.

keep us posted on the 800s!

Marcy said...

You don't want the rower anyway. I used to get blisters in my ass from it. I am not even kidding about this LOL

Run For Life said...

Good plan. Run and conquer!

Nitmos said...

About those free shoes...will you have the same type of fiasco getting those as the New Balances?


I like your training schedule. I need to start throwing some 800's into my mix, too! Thanks for the inspiration :)


sRod said...

Good point Nitmos.

There are a few things in my favor with the Super Runner's Shop:

1. I can talk to them in person instead of over the phone or email--so I know I can get a hold of some body.

2. I have seen others get the shoes after 10 runs.

3. The inventory literally lines the walls of the shop. If they give me a hard time I can just grab a box and run. Which wouldn't be cool, but it also wouldn't be cool for them to not fulfill the free shoe promise.

Irish Cream said...

Woo! You're almost there!! Those free shoes will be yours before you know it!

Also, I think your plan is a great one! You'll have an AWESOME base when July comes around!