This little piggy stayed home

The expo at the pig was crazy! Thousands of runners, dozens of booths, free stuff coming out of everywhere. As part of the goodie bag not only do you get the t-shirt but you get a messenger bag as well!

After trying to spot Nitmos among the masses (and failing to find him), Wifey and I drove over the river to Kentucky. We wound up having lunch at a great seafood restaurant right on the Ohio River facing the Cincinnati skyline.

One thing I have to say is that the people walking around with the Boston Marathon t-shirts and jackets make me feel like such a wuss. It's like they are the seniors walkong around in varsity jackets while I'm the lowly freshman who can't find his homeroom. I mean these people just ran a difficult Marathon 12 days ago--what are they thinking?


Jess said...

They're just being show offs ;)

Best of luck tomorrow and have fun!

Turi said...

Actually saw a Boston 09 jacket at my packet pick-up here in Reno this morning - all the way across the country.

Adam said...

Ohh, I never event thought of all of the people w/ the Boston jackets. I'm with you - that WOULD suck.