As if the PR wasn't enough

Out of curiousity I logged onto marathonguide.com last night to read runners' review of The Flying Pig Marathon. I found this site is a really good source not only to find races but also to get first hand accounts of the course from runners, so you find out if a course has enough water stations or serious hills or a crappy staging area.

All of the reviews of The Pig said the same thing: hard hills in the beginning, great spectators, lots of water stations, and that the only boring part is when the course has to pass by (under?) the Interstate.

After reading the reviews of The Pig, I wandered over to see what other runners said about the Breakers Marathon. In stark contrast, all these posts complained about the hills and few water stations. The words "challenging" and "killer" are all over the place.

Of course, I read all of this and it made me exastatic. As if the PR by 20 minutes wasn't enough, it was on a challenging course with killer hills. And I only thought it was an average course.


RunToFinish said...

look at you just eating up the tought courses

Jess said...

I'll have to check out that site. I've never even heard of it!

Adam said...

Wow, whenever there is 'killer' in the feedback I normally steer clear!