Now the clock turns back

Sorry about the scare yesterday. I realized after posting yesterday that indeed the clocks hadn't rolled back.

You see, we're in a bit of a technological bubble here in the sRod house. The major clocks in the house--the computer, the cable box, and the alarm clock--are all set automatically and therefore they adjust for Daylight Saving Time without having to touch them. So when I woke up yesterday morning I just assumed all the clocks had adjusted themselves and I was just really sleepy even though I had gotten an extra hour of sleep.

But after posting yesterday, I noticed that the manual clock in the kitchen was on the same time as all the automatic clocks, meaning that there was no time adjust on Saturday morning.

All is well now and I am a confirmed goof.

Off to the Marathon!


Jess said...

Maybe parts of your home are just in different time zones :)

I actually had a very neurotic moment last night trying to re-set all the manual clocks in the house to coordinate; apparently, we have been living in a home where no two clocks are in synch, and that had to be corrected last night before bed.

FLYERS26 said...

I was glad to get the extra hour, before my long run this morning.
I was a but nervous, that my phone would change automaticly, making my late, but everything was A OK!