I'm done with New York

You read right, I am done with New York. Friday night we packed our bags for a 6AM flight to San Francisco. After two nights there we've made our way to Sonoma where we just scored a sweet last minute deal at an Inn.

Although somewhere deep, deep, deep down inside I miss the subways, and the crowds, and the bitter cold, and the six hours of sunlight, I think I can make due until we wrap up our vacation on Sunday.

P.S. - I wish I had brought my running shoes--I'm so jealous of all the runners here!


FLYERS26 said...

Enjoy the warmth & sun!
Pick up a pair of shoes on vacation! Consider it an early x-mas present!

Laura said...

Have a great time and drink lots of wine!

Viv said...

Keep having a wonderful vay -k you deserve it, we know you have been burning the midnight oil at work. Have a big ol glass for me.

RunToFinish said...

you went on vacation without your shoes..blasphemy! Love SF and would love to be enjoying that weather too!! Enjoy and travel safe.

Jess said...

Enjoy your vacay!

*aron* said...

isnt nor-cal awesome :)

have a great vacation!!!

The Laminator said...

Enjoy your vacay! Northern Cali is so much fun. That's why I always make an annual pilgrimage to these parts. Happy Thanksgiving buddy!

nwgdc said...

"6 hours of sunlight"

now THAT'S FUNNY...i was thinking the same thing today after work...after working 2.5 hours after the sun had already set.

no worries though...DEC 22 the days get longer!

have a GREAT thanksgiving!

Ted said...

Have a GREAT time and drink plenty caseloads of wine. Rule of Thumb: always bring running shoes whenever you go on a vacation. I do mine, too!

Have a GREAT vacation !