It hurts

I've never wanted to cry as a result of watching sports until tonight. To paraphrase Lauryn Williams: someone out there has a voodoo doll of the whole US Track & Field team. What hurts most is that both blunders were not for lack of talent. Both teams had world champion runners and both teams were leading the heat when the dynamite went boom.

Now I'm watching the women's 10m platform diving, featuring Laura Wilkinson's slow crawl into retirement. It is not a good night for team USA. At least we're ahead in the medal count, well, depending on where you get your information.


Marcy said...

Straight up, we've sucked it up this Olympics in Track And Field. It's like one blunder after another :-X It just goes to show they we ALL have "off" moment ;-)

Jess said...

I guess we have to be happy with the US domination in swimming.

J said...

It was karma. Bad karma and bad sportsmanship. Too bad it got the women's race,too.