Quick update

Been busy for the past two weeks, so here are some quick bullet point updates:
  • Last weekend I was drop-dead tired and couldn't finish what was supposed to be a 10-mile run
  • I blame the hot weather for the difficultly running outside: not only the heat, but I have to wake early even to run on the weekends...no sleep=no energy
  • During some track work last week there was a guy in a white shirt that was just buzzing by everyone, and during a walking break he blasted past me. So I decided to catch up during my next interval. After what turned into the fastest 1200 meters I've ever run, I realized that I was using him as a rabbit AND he was wearing a white shirt. I thought this was hilarious, in a runner's humor kind of way.
  • I'm off to Philly this weekend to visit in-laws and run 15-miles--Fairmount Park here I come!

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