A happy post

So looking back at the last few posts (and comments on them) I realized that I've been going through a negative spell. I guess it was just that point in the training where the mileage increases faster than your body wants to catch up. It has also been the peak of summer in the city--and it is hotter in the city thanks to all the asphalt.

But the good news is that I think I'm out of that negative spell for now. Tuesday I had a great 10-mile run (it was supposed to be 11-miles, but I made up for it in difficulty) and yesterday and today I had nice short runs. So I'm feeling really good today and looking forward to 16-miles this weekend.

Also, just discovered this today: http://www.thegreatestrace.com/. Sounds awesome...I would just need three friends crazy enough to do it with.


Anonymous said...

Glad you've risen above the blahs. Sound like you've had some good runs and are shaking off the bad stuff.

Dream big during your LR this weekend.

I'm not up to the greatest race, but I hope you find some partners to join you.

Tom said...

That anonymous comment was from me. Sorry, hit the wrong button.