The stupidest (running related) thing I've ever done

I threw away a perfected good pair of shoes.  I don't even have a good story for it:

I grabbed a bunch of clothes to donate to charity and my sneakers that had 500+ miles on them.  I dropped them off at the clothes bin in a shopping plaza nearby.  The following morning I woke up and while getting dressed to go running I realize that I donated the wrong shoes.  I had grabbed the pair that only had 280 miles on them--only half way through their life!  And I still had the 500+ mile pair.  I ran over to the bin to see if any any chance the shoes where still there (I dropped them off at 11p and it was only 8a), but everything I had dropped off was gone.

To make matters worse, I think I left Liam's charger in those shoes.  Double runner fail.


The Laminator said...

Just between you and me, did you REALLY donate the wrong shoes or did you just need an excuse for a new pair of kicks?

sRod said...

I wish! They were honest to goodness good shoes.

Krista said...

Oh no!! I hate when shit like that happens. I hope your half-used shoes have found a good home.