Goodbye September

It's been a busy month. I looked at my stats for the month of September and I've run 180 miles and burned through about 24,000 calories. It's the most I've ever run in one month and it's absolutely insane!

180 miles happens to be the distance from:
  • New York City to Worcester
  • Portland to Seattle
  • Kansas City to Omaha
  • Columbus to Pittsburgh
24,000 calories is equivalent to:
  • 480 tomatoes
  • 258 cubic inches of fudge
  • 125 glazed donuts
  • 81 McDonald's cheeseburgers
  • 10 Uno's Chicago Classic deep dish pizzas (wow, only 10?)
  • 1 gallon of mayonnaise
Not only did I run through the caloric intake of a high school football team's post-victory Denny's raid, but I also reached some other milestones in my running career. First, and most impressive, I ran eight miles in 60 minutes. Considering that this is faster than my 10K PR I think it's quite an achievement. I also completed my first 20 mile long run without running into any major problems. AND all (maybe most) of my runs were at or faster than goal pace. I consider that a very successful month!

What does October have in store? Well, there is Grete's Great Gallop: a Half-Marathon this weekend that I was talked into by a friend of mine; then continued peak training; and finally a brief taper (two weeks) leading right into race day on November 1. Woo hoo!


Jess said...

Wow, that's a lot of miles for one month! Awesome job.

Adam said...

That is pretty awesome man. Congrats.

The Laminator said...

Oohh...nice job! You're getting up there in terms of mileage. 31 days away now...you sound like you are ready for a big PR!

I hope to run into you at Grete's this weekend!

Irish Cream said...

Whoa, somebody's been busy! That is some awesome mileage, man. You are indeed ready for a big PR come Nov. 1! Keep it up! Just a month to go now :)